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Re-Entry Permits

Re-Entry Permits

Re-Entry PermitsIf you have a work permit in Thailand or you have a 1 year marriage visa or a retirement visa then you cannot leave Thailand without a re-entry permit. This is a permit that is placed in your passport to ensure that when you leave Thailand you do no invalidate you visa status. With the re-entry permit in your passport you can enter Thailand and continue on the ‘old’ visa you had before you left.

The single entry re-entry permit costs 1,000 Baht but if you are going to leave Thailand more than once in the space of a year then you are best served with a multiple entry re-entry permit which costs 3,800 Baht. Consider the options and you will note that it is better to obtain the re-entry permit. This can be issued at the border or at the airport but it is always best to have it done in Bangkok as it takes about 3 hours to have it done and you don’t want to miss your flight.

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Thai Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage VisaIf you are married to a Thai or have a Thai child then you can apply for the 3 month Thai “O” Visa at a Thai embassy. The Thai marriage visa is valid for 90 days when you enter Thailand and can be extended in Thailand for 1 year if you meet the financial requirements of the visa. This is what would be needed when you apply for the Thai visa at the embassy:

Documents at Thai Embassy:

  • – Your passport;
  • – Copy of your Thai wife’s Tabian Baan;
  • – Copy marriage certificate;
  • – Copy of birth certificates of children if any
  • – Copy of Thai wife’s ID card

These are the documents that would be needed when you apply at the Thai embassy for your marriage visa. This would get you your Thai marriage visa. Note that in Asia they don’t like to issue more than 2 of these visas back to back and will encourage you to extend the visa in Thailand to a 1 year visa. When back in Thailand you will have 3 months to extend this visa and these are the documents needed for the 1 year visa. Don’t overstay your visa in Thailand.

Documents at Thai Immigration:

  • – Copy of your passport + original;
  • – Copy of your Thai wife’s ID card;
  • – Copy of your marriage certificate;
  • – Copy of children (if any) birth certificate(s);
  • – Photos of your family together;
  • – Map drawn to show your house or apartment in Thailand;
  • – Copy of updated bank book showing 400,000 Baht in it; (or)
  • – Copy of income slip if no deposit showing 40,000 Baht per month in income.

These documents would be needed when you extend the marriage visa in Thailand. The process takes about 2-3 weeks and you need to do this every year to keep the visa current. Once you have this visa you must not forget that every 90 days you have to report to Thai immigration to state that you still live at the same address as was on your visa.  also note that if you wish to leave Thailand and return you need to have a re-entry permit so that your visa is not invalidated when you leave Thailand and return. If you have any questions ask us online or walk into any of our offices in Thailand for more assistance.

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